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Our Values

The Inn at Lost River and the Lost River General Store are locally owned and operated.  What we offer inside our walls is an authentic space where all feel comfortable to be their authentic selves. Our guests, community, and team are our top priority in our daily routines and in our long-term goals.


We welcome all guests and team members regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, or sexual orientation, and foster an environment where all feel uplifted, cared for, and free to be themselves. We hope you will uphold these values alongside us and understand that we will not tolerate any language or actions that do not align with these standards from guests, team members, or community members.

We are passionate about hospitality, eager to welcome guests to our little corner of West Virginia, seek team members with different stories, backgrounds, and experiences, and believe in creating a community through positivity, openness, and real connection with all who enter through our doors.

We also believe a true West Virginia experience requires engaging with, and supporting, the local community. On top of providing our guests with our deep knowledge of the region, we source many of our products locally or regionally and get to know our partners, producers, and their business practices. During your stay, be sure to enjoy West Virginia-Made Hypno Soaps, American-sourced coffee from Hacienda Alto Grande, breakfast meats and eggs from CJ Mt Morgan Farms, grits and grains from Arbaugh Farm, milk and dairy from South Mountain Creamery, and stop by the Lost River General Store Café to enjoy lunch, our house-made treats, local craft beer, and Ice cream from Ala Moo Creamery.

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