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Café Menu


Three Cheese Panini

Cheddar, American, and provolone cheeses and pesto cooked to melty perfection on our panini press.  Add even more goodness by adding bacon or tomato

Chicken Pesto Panini

House-roasted chicken, basil pesto aioli, Bacon, and cheddar and warmed on our Panini Press until the cheese is deliciously melty

Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini

House-roasted chicken, our home-made ranch dressing, Bacon, and American Cheese warmed on our Panini Press until warm and gooey 


Our house-smoked pork, ham, yellow mustard, provolone, and pickles warmed on the panini press until hot and the cheese is melted


Chicken Caesar Wrap

Our house-roasted chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan, croutons, and our home-made creamy caesar dressing in a flour tortilla

Chicken Cobb Wrap

Our house-roasted chicken, mixed greens, bacon, avacado mash, blue cheese crumbles, and our own home-made blue cheese dressing in a flour tortilla

Veggie Wrap

Hummus, mixed greens, onion, tomato, cucumber, provolone, and our house-made vinaigrette in a flour tortilla


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